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Thread: Will TJ or other Jeep seats bolt into a 1988 YJ?

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    Default Will TJ or other Jeep seats bolt into a 1988 YJ?

    Heading out to the pick'n'pull later this week looking for various sundries for various Jeeps. My YJ's driver seat is all torn up, and the passenger and back seats are a little tired too.

    Will seats from a TJ (front and/or rear) mate up to the mounting points in my YJ? How about front seats from an XJ? Or should I just stick with YJ units?

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    If you're goin to Harry's in Hazleton, there's this cherokee near the back right of the first section, near where you see the cube vans and stuff on the other side of the fence. It has some really nice spice leather seats, but I didn't wanna buy them and not have them fit. If you see any Wranglers there, or wherever you're goin, gimme a holler, cause I'd love to go get some spare parts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wellington P Funk View Post
    Will seats from a TJ (front and/or rear) mate up to the mounting points in my YJ?
    no. you can fabricate brackets to make the front seats work though. not sure if there are any companies making prefab brackets. rear TJ won't work at all i don't believe. i have no idea about the XJ seats.
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    I put in some out of a late 90's pontiac sunfire, 2dr. Had to drill a couple of holes but otherwise they fit right in.

    There is a list floating around the internet of seat swaps to fit YJ's

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    I copied this from a previous post...

    As far as which seats bolt in a YJ, from my research I gathered that '94-present Camaro seats, mid-80s Mustang seats, maybe Cavalier, and maybe Pontiac seats work. The only hard proof I found was the Camaro seats work, everything else was speculation. So I wandered around the pick-n-pull trying to see what would work. And it just so happened that Sunfire seats worked, and that's a fact. And if Cavaliers and Sunfires are the same car, then newer (not the newest, but the previous body style) Cavaliers will also work, but I can't verify that

    I put a set of seats out of a 98 Sunfire that bolted right into the sliders in my 94 YJ. Damn site more comfortable than the stockers.

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    Icon315 mustang seats

    I've been thinking, about this deal! Looks like it might be pretty easy!
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