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Thread: Talk to Chrysler!

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    Unions were only good in pre-1940's factorys, now all they do is put costs through the ceiling while people work for 10 minutes and take a 2 hour coffee break.

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    ya when you have to pay employees large amounts of money so they will quit because you cant fire them, thats ridiculous.
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    I think if unions are going to continue to be around then they need to share some of the blame, and losses. If a factory is going to be shut down because a brand isn't doing great and your at the lowest performing factory how can you have the nerve to demand to keep your job and keep getting paid. They don't print money. It comes in, it goes out, once its gone its gone.

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    For once bhr and I are in total agreement when the unions first started they were needed because the governments wouldn't do what they should have.
    I almost thought good on them when GM here was force to bargain with them then a week later said oh btw were closing this plant due to lack of sales.
    Sure gm knew there was no way they didn’t know months before they were looking at closing that plant. A few years ago the union force gm to add more shifts to keep jobs
    I think what they wanted was to drop the shifts but that would have meant some jobs would have gone. The union again forced them to keep the shifts.
    But now they all lose their jobs. Now their birchen gm did not bargain in good faith just because they decided to close a plant that was losing money and with the latest contracts there was no way to make it work, their closing it.
    I suspect if the union hadn’t been so hardass they would have kept it open. Yes there would have been some job loss but not all
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