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Thread: 04 Liberty Won't start--clicking noise???

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    Default 04 Liberty Won't start--clicking noise???

    We have an 04 Liberty that as of yesterday afternoon would not start. It was driven around town yesterday morning, but after being parked for a few hours, would not and will not start.

    The ignition can be turned to the ON, ACC positions, and the Lights, radio, etc work fine.

    When the ignition is turned all the way, instead of the engine starting up, there is just a repetitive clicking noise. It sounds almost like a wind-up car when the ignition is turned.

    It sounds to me like this is the Starter. The dash shows a blinking Check Engine Light when the ignition is turned on, after the normal pop-up icons dissappear.

    Could disconnecting the negative lead of the battery cable help/ clear the possible code(s) for a while to see if it'll start?

    Any help/advice is appreciated, I'd like to get it fixed ASAP

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    My guess would be the starter doesn't get the proper voltage.

    Most likely the battery is shot.

    First, I would check and clean the battery connections. Did you try to jump start it ?

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    We tried to jump start it, to no avail. I believe the clicking noise to be that of a relay.

    I am going to try and hook up the battery from my wrangler to the Liberty to try and isolate the problem.

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    I swapped in the battery from my wrangler, and the liberty started right back up.

    Any suggestions for a new battery for the Liberty?

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    Depends on what kind you want. I went with an optima for myself but they are $$ now.
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    Went with an Autocraft battery from Advance Auto, has a good warranty also. The Liberty is good to go.

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    That clicking sound is the sound of your tax rebate check leaving your pocket one dollar at a time! Never mention that you have extra money anywhere around your car or your pet. THEY GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to spend any extra you might find in the dryer too.

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    For some reason my '04 Liberty goes through batteries like crazy!
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    Default may not be the battery

    Quote Originally Posted by hpilot View Post
    For some reason my '04 Liberty goes through batteries like crazy!
    check your alternator,
    make sure its working properly

    Had a jeep battery in my neon,
    have had it for 9 yrs and +200K miles
    no problems
    even after leaving it parked for a few weeks
    starts fast and strong every time

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    Try getting the Optima Yellow topped dry cell. It's purpose if for heavy amperage applications. The Red topped one is for cold cranking amps and I cant remember what the blue one is for. All Optimas come with a 3 yr warranty to top it off. I'd recommend them to anyone. If your vehicle is clicking, it sounds like a battery issue. If you go to start, and nothing happens (no sound...nothing) it's your starter. A simple fix is giving it a tap with a hammer while you try starting the vehicle so the gear will kick out. Might also want to check the ground/connectivity before hitting it. I had the same problem with my s-10.

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    Blue is marine.

    If you not winching or have a huge stereo system a Optima red top is just fine. I've also had good luck with auto zone's duralast series.
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