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Thread: Jeep 5.7 hemi problem

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    Hi guys I have a 2005 jeep grand cherokee limited 5.7 hemi. I bought it on Dec 19 2007 at 42000 miles the car ran perfect, I just got a oil change from my mechanic like 3 weeks ago he put in 10w40 and i started hearing some clicking sound at the bottom of the car sounds like between the tranny and engine but its not engine noise, my mechanic told me I have to wait for the oil to break in and the weather is cold. I realized that Ive been getting less gas milage and that clicking noise is still there, Now recently like an idiot I found out I have to use 5w20 so I just got my oil changed today and the noise is still there but the car runs a little smoother. Any body knwos what the problem with that noise is ismy mds messed up? If anyone can please help tht would be greatly appreciated by the way the new Oil i put is castrol 5w20 Full Synthetic can have oil have anything to do with this?? I dont think it could be engine noise because when i rev it up it goes away.... also i brang it to a dealer ship and im 18 so i look young and the probably thought they could scheme so basically the dealership told me something about the bearings in the driveshaft that was causing the noise then they start telling me that i had a leak in the rear differential that was not there then telling me to flush out my brake fluid then i had to change my oil when i changed it the day before i went there basically they wanted to charge me $2000 to fix oh yea and then they told me i need new wipers lmao thats what i hate they think cuz im young im stupid but im starting to think it could be bearings in the driveshaft ill try to get a video of the noise if i could... any help would be appreciated

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    Armen1er, not sure if it's the same thing but I had a loud "clicking" rattle noise with my 5.7 L hemi on my Aspen. Please see the link for my experience and description:
    It turned out to be 3 bolts on the "flexplate" - between the engine and trans on teh flywheel (hence the suggestion) were loose. Dealer tightened them up and now it's quiet as a mouse. Hope this helps.

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    thanks so much for the reply im going to check up on it and i was always curious how is the aspen the wa i seen it i rhinks its an awsome truck but i dont know anyone with one

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    oh yea it does sound like a rattle sound like somethings loose

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    Your Not Supposed to use 10w-40 as the HEMI's With MDS need 5w-20, somtimes the thicker oil isnt good for these hemi's they need specific oil to be happy. May be why its clicking or ticking a bit
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