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Thread: Programming Active???

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    Default Programming Active???

    When I started up the WK this am, a red dot was lit on the instrument cluster and the EVIC was displaying: Programming Active.

    It went away after a minute or so, but I'm curious what was going on.

    Any ideas?
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    That means that you were programming a key. Did you put one key in, took it out, and then put in another? Your computer might need to be replaced or reflashed. My WK needed the computer replaced, I have a electrical nightmare on my hands, but I still love it.
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    Mine has done that too. I just had it at the dealer for a list of issues. The warranty expires in 2 months so I want to get it all fixed. Mine does that active programming thing on occasion. This past time I went in.. I told them about it and they reflashed the PCM. It takes time between each event. So we will see. At least my heater works properly now. I always loved the blazing hell hot or freezing cold. Nice feature for sure!
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    I did a remote start, and just as I was getting into the WK about 15 mins later, it shut off. I put my key in and restarted the car and I saw the programming notification on the EVIC. I shut down the car and pulled out the key assumng that it would go away. When I restarted the WK, it was still in programming mose, so I jsut drove away. About 30 seconds later, it disappeared.


    I'll mention it to the service advisor next time I take the WK in for service.
    1998 ZJ TSi (4.0) Platinum (RIP)
    2007 WK Ltd (4.7) Mineral Gray


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