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Thread: Recommended Tire Pressure

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    Default Recommended Tire Pressure

    My GC came with 235/65R16 tires on it. I would usually keep around 35 psi in the tires. I recently changed them out for a set of A/T tires. The new size is 245/65R17. It's a slightly bigger tire and the sidewall says it has a max psi of 44. The tire shop that put them on only put 33 psi in them and said that's what the manufactuer recommended for this size. Those of you that have this size, what psi do you usually run. thanks in advance.
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    I have the 245/65R17 from the factory and the door says 33 psi so the tire shop was right.
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    If your WK came with the 235/65s, you may want to have the dealer change the tire size in the computer. The 245/65/17 is a larger (OEM) size that you can update. This will help with any speedo and shift point differences. They will be minor, but you may as well correct them. ( That way, your WK is squared-away)

    Recommended tire pressure can be found on your front driver door on just about any automobile.
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    I take the door recomended pressures as a starting point.

    I am currently at 42psi and very happy.

    I felt that the door recomended pressure was too low and let the tire move too much.

    I am watching for odd tire wear but since I tend to tow or haul with my jeep I figure everyone just has to adjust tire pressure for how they use the jeep.

    I don't know what the weight of the crd is compared to the gassers but maybe that has something to do with it as well.

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    I keep my LTX M/S tires @ 35 psi (cold); so far there have been no problems with abnormal wear, poor ride/handling, or traction.

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    I think 42 is way too high. Keep in mind, your tires heat up as you drive, therefor the pressure also rises. You may prematurely wear the tread. I usually keep them around 35.


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