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Thread: DIY Bump stops

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    Default DIY Bump stops

    Just wondering if anyone made there own bump stops for a late modle TJ.. I have a 05 and would like to make up a 2" bump stop that goes between the bump stop holder.. You know when you pull out the bump stop and take out the bolt. I want it to go right in there front and rear.. What's the best way to make up something.. Thanks! George
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    a chunk of square or round tube. Hockey puck glued to the bottom is easier though.

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    A better place is the bottom of the coil bucket so the coil doesn't get caught on the bumpstop cup.

    Either way a good way is to use some round tube (I'm using 1.75 with an end cap for my XJ) bolted to the front lower coil pad.
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    or fine an old 2" body lift pucks...

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    The ones I purchased were made from aluminum and had a hole drilled in the middle. I was also supplied with longer bolts.
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    Hockey pucks and 2-part epoxy.
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