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Does anyone have the pinout for the PCM for a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The Chrysler dealership here sucks, and I know someone there that refuses to take his precious time to make a 2 page copy from the service manual.

My son's 96 has an erratic speedometer reading. It fluctuates all across the entire range. But, it is intermittent!
Some days it will be steady as a rock, and other times, as soon as it it cranked, the speedometer goes ape!!

When the speedo goes wild on the highway, the over-drive kicks down.

After coming to a stop, and starting up again to highway speed, it may or may not shift into over-drive.

I have replaced the speed sensor, verified that the TPS is good.
I am lost without a good definitive schematic for this model.

The Haynes manual is OK, but it covers too many models with not enough accuracy for individual year number models.

Yeah, I know, I ramble too much.