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Thread: clogged exhaust??

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    Default clogged exhaust??

    started driving the jeep to work today and on the way a whistling noise started up it was like air going through a small hole. It was pretty loud and only happened when i steped on the gas. My power started cutting out too I was steping on the gas and it was making alot of noise but I wasnt going faster. Untill finnally even in first gear it wouldnt go it would just stall i let it sit then tried again and went about 300 feet and had to turn it off again and let it sit for a minute. I think my cat blew apart inside and is clogging my exhaust. Are these symptoms of a clogged exhaust? thanks
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    I can't say I've ever heard an exhaust 'whistle' but I've heard vacuum leaks that sound that way. You may check that out. Just open the hood and listen for air!

    If your cat clogged and tore up, the engine/exhaust would probably just choke and sputter and maybe quit running altogether. Then you gotta figure out what killed the cat - and it wasn't curiosity! Usually it's something that causes the engine to run really rich and the extra gas in the exhaust cooks the honeycomb material.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThisSideUp
    [snip]I can't say I've ever heard an exhaust 'whistle' [snip]

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    Have someone start you jeep and rev the motor while in park. You can put you hand by the exhaust pipe and see if air is comming out. Just dont burn yourself. Also my uncle that owns a muffler shop was telling me about an incident last year. He said a guy got his jeep stuck in the mud and the tail pipe was clogged. The guy gave it some gas and the back pressure blew up his muffler. So if it is you tail pipe clogged or cat, I dont think the exhaust pipe could handle the pressure.This makes me think that it is a vac leak, but check the pipe it see if it is clogged.
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