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Thread: ZJ Infinity Gold Wiring Diagram by color needed

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    Icon316 ZJ Infinity Gold Wiring Diagram by color needed

    Just picked up a '97 ZJ 5.2 Laredo that had the Infinity Gold stereo system. Head unit is missing and the factory plugs are cut off (hack job on the entire install-you should see how they cut everything up). I have searched and found diagrams that are only labeled by position in the factory plug from the harness but not by color of the wires. Sure I can test and find the ground wire and power wires in the harness but my tone generator will not let me test speaker wires because the Infinity amp is still inline and blocking signal to the speakers. Anyway- even knowing which is the factory infinity amp turn-on wire may help me. Thanks.

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    See attached...

    Not sure if its exactly what you need but...
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    There's a stickied thread at the top of the Automotive Electronics section of this Forum. Head to that also.

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    Yeah - a couple of mods...

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    im glad i took the time to make the stickies and host the files, and no one even checks it first..

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    Google search brought me here...

    I was reading the sticky and tried to follow the link from the following post:

    Quote Originally Posted by marley0ne View Post
    For the wiring diagram of a ZJ with Infinity Amp -

    For WJ's visit
    It is dead.

    Does anybody have the "infinitybypassprinterfriendly.pdf" that they can pass along?


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