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    Icon313 po1762

    I have a 2001 wj with the I6/42re the tranny was ok until I changed the fluid and filter after a week the mil came on with a dtc po1762 so I went to the jeep dealer and got another filter and 2gal of atf+4 and flushed out the system and changed the filter and for about 2wks it worked fine and we drove it out of town on new years eve and when we started it up to go home way later that night the mil was on again with the same po1762 and the transmission is in limp mode or starting out in 3rd gear I have reset the dtc codes 3 times today 1/1/06 and everytime I start the motor the mil comes back on with the same dtc code and remains in limp mode 3-4 and overdrive all work ok and no slipping I checked the fluid and it was a little low ,I filled it to spec and still no luck.

    Anyone have an explanation what is going wrong or how to fix it.

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    Icon313 fixed po1762 error

    I went to the local jeep dealer and spent 70.38 on the governor pressure transducer and another 20.00 for 1 gal of atf+4 .

    pumped out all the fluid through the dipstick and dropped the pan and you have to take out 3 11mm bolts and 2 torx screws that go through the bracket that holds the governor solenoid and tranducer in place,pull the bracket down unplug the transducer and it pulls out of the valve body and install the reverse order,just put a little atf on the new o-ring on the tranducer and put it all back together .

    I think in all it took about 15 min to change the governor pressure transducer
    and put the pan back on and about 51/2 qts of atf+4 to refill it.

    in all cost about 95.00 with tax istead of the over 400 they wanted to do it.


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