High folks,

first post here so go easy on me! Have a 1999 Jeep Grand cherokee, 125,000 miles, 4.7 liter V8 with a po443 trouble code that comes up. Replaced the DCP solenoid, reset the codes at Autozone, (had a po441 also which showed up after the po443) and drove it home, turned off and restarted CEL came on and showed p0443 again, no po441 yet. The gas cap is on tight, but hasn't been replaced since it was new. Checked all the vac lines under the hood and they look good, no cracks or leaks. I blew through the line to the tank using the hose that connects to the charcoal cannister, and it doesn't blow through easy, is it supposed to be free flowing? Took off the cannister and it feels light, not like it's full of gas. I read on here that if it's saturated it could cause codes, don't know exactly how to tell if it's saturated. I Can blow through any of the holes in it and it seems to free flow with the other two holes uncovered. Used a multi meter on the wires to the DCP solenoid and it showed 14 volts on one and 5.xx on the other one with the key on so I think the solenoid is not the problem, seems to be getting power from the ECM and the battery. Any suggstions on where to hunt on this one? I don't have a scan tool.