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    I'm trying to figure out what the spline count is on my NV231HD's input shaft. I have a 92 with the ax 15. I know (from searching) that somewhere around 92 they switched the spline count from 21 to 23.
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    The easiest way that I have found to identify the proper transfer case input spline count is by identifying the stock transmission that Jeep used. The 21 and 23 spline output shafts vary on different transmission models. The AX15 transmission is always 23 spline and protrudes ~1/2" beyond the face of the transmission. The Torqueflite and NV3550 are normally a flush 23 spline. The AX4 & AX5 always have 21 splines and is flush with the back of the transmission adapter until 1996; and then in 1997, the AX5 output shaft was lengthened to a ~1/2” stickout past the tailhousing adapter. The Peugeot transmission is always 21 splines and protrudes 1/2" beyond the back of the transmission adapter housing. I've seen the AW4 automatic transmission in both a long 21 & 23 spline.


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