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Thread: Old RAMSEY Winches

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    Anyone know any websites with info on them. Ive got two 15yr old winches. One mounted on the front of a 78J20, and another in the garage. no idea what model they are. i think one is an 8000lb, and the one on the truck is 12,000lb. but not sure. just curious if they are worth using i think they may be too big for my YJ.

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    what model are they? I know old ramseys were pretty well regarded in my area and I tend too see them a lot. I doubt if they have the following of the warn 8274 but not much does. I stumbled across a site a hile back ALL about old winches and some ramseys were featured. Ill see if I can dig it up!

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    I own a couple of the RE series- big, indestuctable, but Slooooowwww.

    Great for bigger rigs, but real hard to fit to a Jeep because the mounting is on the front and rear of the winch and the worm gear drive and motor get in the way.

    They still make them today, and they are on most of the tow trucks you will see. (Some are Hydaulically driven off a PTO, but the main diffeence is the motor- in fact my wife's old Jeepster had on that was PTO and driven off of a driveshaft from the t-case)

    I use mine on trailers where the slow speed is an asset- for my Jeeps it is either Warn 8274 or HS9500
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