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Thread: Towing a car with a tow dolly.

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    Default Towing a car with a tow dolly.

    I need to pick up my car from a friend's house 270+ miles away in the next couple weeks. My father has a tow dolly that we've used several times with his RV. I know it tracks well and is in good condition. The car would be towed backwards.

    Jeep is a soft top and is stock except for TKH Fab 1/4" plate frame tied-in tow bumper. There would be about 100lbs of parts in the back.

    Car weighs about 3300lbs distributed 50/50 with a low center of gravity and wide track.

    Has anybody towed a car a long distance on a tow dolly with a SWB TJ? Any recommendations on towing it?
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    Dont do it. You'll be at 1 and 1/2 times the tow capacity for your heep. Even tho the tongue weight will be in spec, the gross is way over. Its not the weight on the tongue your worried about, its stopping the extra weight, stock brakes are marginal as it is, doubling the weight they have to stop will be a nightmare.

    That being said I've towed alot more with my old 4 banger YJ, but only for a short distance and under 25mph and it was skery as hell. Towed home a 78 international scout on a 2 axle car trailer, guessing about 6500-7000 lbs, real heeps bring home their own donor vehicles. No I wouldnt do it again.

    Go to U-haul and rent a truck to tow it with.
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    IMHO that's too much weight and too much distance. Borrow somebody's pickup, you'll be way better off. Heck, take the RV, you'll get about the same gas mileage... LOL.
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    I used my 2000 Sport to haul an engine donor about 10 miles on a dolly. I figured it'd be fine since the truck ('68 chev) was nearly stripped clean except for the driveline (no bed, hood, doors, glass etc.) But even after pulling the engine it was a pita to tow. No brakeing problems but it was squirrly as hell.

    To pick up my van I had to drive to Raton, NM (209 miles) I rented a moving van and car hauler. Drove the thing down, picked up the van and drove back with just enough time to only have to pay one day's rental on the truck and trailer. (Total was less than $70 since it was "in town")

    Your best option (IMO) is to rent a moving van and car hauler and do likewise.

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    I've flat towed a Jeep with another Jeep without a problem. I did it at night, in good weather and drove slowly keeping in mind that I needed more stopping distance. The distance was about 15 miles on a straight flat highway. I drove on the entrance and exit ramps very slowly and it seemed like I could have Jackknifed very easily as the Jeep being towed wanted to get in front of me on the bend of the ramp.

    Why would you tow the car backwards on a dolly?

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    is there brakes on the tow dolly? i would not advise on it but ive ton 5000 lbs before with my jeep.

    was done on private roads though. would do it to take it for storage about 40 miles but id be going about 40 the whole way. trailer is properly braked too. just gets a little squirelly.
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    Default ...

    I doubt it has brakes. None of the tow dollies I've seen had them.

    With brakes it might be ok... Still not good for that kind of distance.

    I've towed 3000 for about 150 miles and the Jeep did ok. Just took a while to get going and get stopped. And that had brakes.
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    Thanks for the replies.
    Quote Originally Posted by NJ5.9ZJ
    Why would you tow the car backwards on a dolly?
    Rear wheel drive car with a very expensive transaxle. The car is now driveable so I won't need to tow it.
    2005 TJ Willys Edition
    30" Destination AT, 70lbs of 1/4" plate which isn't nearly enough


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