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Thread: Converting a 258-six CJ-7 to fuel injection

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    Default Converting a 258-six CJ-7 to fuel injection


    A friend of mine is trying to convert his 258 inline-six powered 1982 CJ-7 to fuel injection using the wiring and computer from a 1994 YJ Wrangler. He is also converting to a 4.0 Head. He has two questions that hopefully someone here can answer:

    1) Where should the engine pick up the Crankshaft Position Sensor's Signal: In the vibration damper or in the flywheel? The vibration damper can be bought in 4WD Hardware for the Mopar MPI kit, but will that signal work with the 1994 YJ Computer??

    2) Does the flyweel of a Jeep YJ 4.0 fit the CJ-7's 258-six?

    Thanks a lot for any help.
    - Pablo

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    Try THIS sight. They have a lot of information on doing this swap.
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    You can buy a kit to relocate the cps to the damper. Otherwise you may have to modify the bell housing to make it work. Try hesco for the kit

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    Novak sells a kit to mount it on the stock CJ bell housing as well.

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