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Thread: Coilover VS Coil and shock conversion?

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    Icon315 Coilover VS Coil and shock conversion?

    I am looking to build a YJ. I do not have the Jeep as of yet, but I am planning it out. I know that it will be a 4.0 six automatic with EFI. I have built many SW 4X4's from early Bronco's to early FJ40's. I am familiar with coilover shocks. I run 14" Coilover Fox shocks on my offroad car now, but these are not Jeep's. I have looked at the Black Diamond coilover kit the Tomken Coil/shock kit and the PRO Comp Coilover kit. It looks to me as if the Pro comp kit has a much shorter link setup then the other two. Humm (short link + short stroke = less travle)?? I want the most articulation I can get without having to piece the suspension together from all over. It's funny, but I can't seem to find one pic of the Tomken YJ coil and shock conversion kit showing ramp shots. Tomken and BD are both good looking kit's but I would like to see more pics of the Tomken kit on the web page. Show the facts anybody can state numbers. If I missed these pic somewhere please give me the link so I can check them out. Now the last question is there a leaf springs kit that is better (not cheaper) at getting Degrees then coil systems. Cost is a factor but I am willing to do a little more $ to get more degrees. Thanks for the help in advance and appreciate any replys.

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    Do you have the means/skills to fabricate your own suspension?

    ChrisO Code4X4 Built a beautiful YJ with coils/shocks:

    I opted for coilovers:

    Both can be built to function excellent. IMO the advantage of coilovers is the almost unlimited adjustibility in damping, spring rate and ride height. This unfortunately is also the biggest negative of coilovers.. too many variables to play with to get it all working right.

    If you want a kit, I've heard from reliable sources that the Black Diamond kit is the best on the market. But, if you get into serious rock crawling you will probably change/modify most of the kit.

    A lot really depends on what type of Jeeping you will get into. For most a SOA with traction bar works great and is much simpler than going link/coils.


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    Try Rock Krawler also if you are looking for a kit form. I do not have one as I am SOA but I know they make a Coil over kit.RK Coilover
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    Thanks for the replys guys. I will keep these facts in mind when making my choice. I used to fab alot of things. The FJ40 that I had was setup to do some very hard core rock crawling and I did almost all the fab work on it. Now time has passed and a L4 L5 back operation latter no more fabing for me.

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    What are you looking to do with your Jeep??

    There are a lot of Jeep buggies that use fox shocks - and they are 'da bomb'. From what I've seen, they just don't return to 'level' too well - which I would assume that's where the coilovers would come in....

    Are you looking to keep it street legal?? or no??

    I'd be careful when getting an aftermarket coil conversion kit - I don't know how adaptable they are to swapping in bigger axles or other custom modifications (steering & other stuff) down the road....... Do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions especially if you have further modifications you'd like to do in the future.

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    To tell you the truth I want to do a little of everything. My main thing is slow moving rock crawling. Not to the point that it's not family frendly. I don't want to be kicking my wife and baby out every time I need to go over somthing extremely risky. We did that kind of rock crawling in my FJ40 alot but with a baby it makes it harder. I have been around leaf spring lifts of all kinds and I have done very well with them. All that was 10+ years ago. I have spent my recent time around long travle sand cars of mine and a friends SCORE race team using Coilover shocks. I have delt with 4 cornner spring rates and know what a pain in the butt it can be. That is why I want to buy a kit from somebody that has already done the foot work. Does anybody here know someone that has a Coil or Coilover setup store bought kit that I can see some pic's of in action? You look like you are having a good time in your Jeep. Did it do much damage to the side of your rig? OUCH! lol Thanks again for taking the time to reply to my post.
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    This is a good shot of my car I am building now. It's 105" wheel base and 92" wide It is able to get 25" of rear wheel travel and a constant 27 degrees of drive angle while driving down the road with no bind. The shock on it are Fox Shocks 14" travel Coilover Dual rate two spring per shock.
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