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Thread: HELLLLLLLLLLLLP!! leak in my power steering gear box

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    Icon315 HELLLLLLLLLLLLP!! leak in my power steering gear box

    I'm losing PS fluid from the bottom of the PS box right where the splined shaft exits the box.

    Is there a repair kit to fix this or am I stuck buying a new box?

    Any leads on the availability of a box?

    Regards Bill in Arizona.:mrwave:

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    Mine leaks there as well. Has been for about the last year.

    I looked around and the only option commecially was a whole new pump, and those little bastages are expensive.

    I casually have been keeping an eye out for one in a boneyard with little luck, and have just been adding fluid to it as needed. It's holding up fine, but the teaspoon or so of PS fluid under the jeep is getting old. At least it's smaller than my rear main seal leak.
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    Default leak

    I had a leak in my cj box and bought some lucas sealer at advanced auto. It has held up for 1 1/2 years with no leak.
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    Icon315 LEAK FIXED!!!!!!!

    YaHOOOOOOO!! I went online at AUTOZONE and found a kit by POWERCRAFT #7856 for under $10 it's called a lower pitman arm seal kit. (they also have a complete pitman shaft seal kit for under $20. and a complete rebuild kit for around $40-50.
    You do not have to remove the Gear Box from the Jeep to do this fix.
    Here's how-
    1. Remove the shaft nut
    2. Mark the Pitman Arm so you can put it back on at the same location (used paint) Pull off the Arm (the hardest part)
    3. Take out the first seal (I had to use a knife)
    4. Take out the 'c' ring ( you need a c-ring pliers that has a reach of abt 1 inch)
    5. Fill the fluid abt half way and put a bucket or cut off milk carton under the Gear Box.
    6. Turn on the engine and turn the steering wheel all the way to the LEFT
    7. The seal and washer pops out !!
    8. Turn off the engine (I let the Gear Box drain for half an hour)
    9. Put all of the new seals in a plastic ziplock bag and squirt in some fluid squish it all around to soak the seals and washers.
    10. Put the new seal and washer in ( I used a 6 inch piece of PVC pipe to seat the seal 1- 5/8 inch od fits perfectly)
    11. Put The second seal in.
    12. Put everything back together.
    13. Torque the nut to 185 ftlbs( my wrench only went to 150 so I torqued to 150 backed off to abt 100 then up to 150 then put a breaker bar on the socket and went 1/6 turn more).
    14. Do the normal fluid fill up and bleeding (With engine running-Turn steering to left stop and then to right stop several times). Continue to fill and Bleed until it takes no more fluid, let it rest for a while to let the air bubbles get out of the fluid. Check fluid and fill if needed. Take it for a short spin check and top off fluid. It took almost an entire QT.

    2 days and no leak!

    Bill in Arizona


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