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Thread: Pictures of homemade bumpers

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    Default Pictures of homemade bumpers

    I have a small collection of black pipe and square channel steel. I am trying to put together a front and rear bumper. I would like to see some other homemade bumpers to get some ideas of where I can go. Thanks.
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    Here's the first one I built, almost 10 years ago.

    One I did for a bronco, not finnished in pics. Would be easily scaled down for a heep.

    Here's the latest for my new heep. Still need to add the radiator hoop and or a stinger, and may add shackle tabs.

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    Here are some pictures of bumpers that I have built for my Jeep over the last couple of years.

    Here is the current front bumper/winch mount.

    This was the previous front bumper/winch mount.

    This is the current front bumper before any tube work.

    This was the first version of the tube work on this bumper.

    This was the previous rear bumper, shown with and without the swing down rear tire carrier.

    This is the current rear bumper.

    That should at least spur some more ideas for you. Good luck with your fabrications.

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