I found some great deals with some special codes for those that are interested. These deals are direct from XM and Sirius, so no I am not a vendor. I have both, so I have no axe to grind there either. Just wanted to pass along some info:

Some facts:

XM has 2 stationary satellites and about 1400 ground repeaters; Sirius has 3 satellites that move and about 400 ground repeaters. Sirius satellites are higher and provide a better signal in rural areas because of the angle. XM gets better indoor signals because they have more ground repeaters.

Either way you go, it is way better than FM. I suggest you go to www.sirius.com and www.xmradio.com and look around, you can listen to each online for free for 3 days.

XM is $9.95 a month, plus $1.99 to get Opie and Anthony, plus $2.99 for Playboy, plus $3.99 for online web streaming, MLB and NASCAR are included

Sirius is $12.95, includes Howard Stern (Jan 06), includes Maxim Radio, includes FREE web streaming, includes all the NFL Games (both home and away broadcast teams), The NBA, The NHL, and College Sports.

Additional subsciptions (2-4) are $6.99 more on each.

Sirius has a $499 lifetime plan if you want to do that, not many people do.

What one is for me?

I would listen to both on line for 3 days and see what you think. Understand that neither stream very much of the talk lineups.

Here is a good review From Edmunds Car Guide: Satellite Radio: XM vs. Sirius

Printable Sirius Channel Line Up

Printable XM's Channel Line Up

Now the Deals

code 466 gets you a Sportser (Normally $99) with FREE car kit or home kit (normally $49 each) for $79.99.

The Sporster is for the NFL fan and there is a boom box for it too.

Sportster and home or car kit for $49.99 after rebate if you Enter code 466, and use fatwallet as a referral


XACT Stream Jockey with car kit FREE with subscription Use Code 070

You can also get a Clarion Plug and Play with a car kit for $49 using the code 453

You do have to subscribe to Sirius to get these deals, if you are adding a 2nd, 3rd or 4th radio, they will let you subscribe at the $6.99 a month rate.

and now for XM

For $49, you get the SkyFi 2 (!) PLUS a car or a home dock; or for $69 you get the SkyFi 2 PLUS the BOOMBOX!

They also have the XM Commander available for $49.

You have to buy the first 3 months service with the unit, and you have to have your radio activated for at least 6 months. If you end early, there is a $60 charge.

You have to enter the name of an XM employee;


The link is: http://www.xmradio.com/friends/

I am not sure how long any of these deals may last.

Give the gift of commercial free music this Christmas.