I have an 83 CJ7 with a rebuilt 1979, or earlier, 258 2bbl engine. The vacuum lnes are all disconnected and I'm trying to find out which fittings are supposed to be connected to which other fittings. I have a Chiltons, but it is not helpful since it fails to identify the parts, it simply has a schematic diagram without explanation. There are some connections that I have no idea what they are. For instance, there is a barbed connector on the left side of the block, about 1/3 of the way from the front, that has 3 tubes coming out of it. What does it do and what do the fittings connect to. On the manifold there is a fitting with two barbed connections. Also, on the carburator, which vacuum fittings can I plug and which must be connected?

Which fittings must be connected to make the engine run properly?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.