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Thread: where to get paint for jeep

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    Default where to get paint for jeep

    Hey guys,

    I plan to fix some rust build-ups around windshield on my 94 I6 YJ. But I can't find any paint sold in local supermarkets and autozone. It seems duplicolor even doesn't have jeep listed.

    What is the good place to get cheap spray can? I am thinking to make the paint in backyard. But don't know whether it is possible or not.

    BTW, my YJ is in the traditional green. Don't know the color code yet.

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    Not sure if this will help you or not - but are one of these two colors correct for you? If so, these may be your color codes.

    Dark Hunter Green Metallic Clearcoat G5/JG5
    Emerald Green Pearl Clearcoat GF/PGF

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    paint in supermarkets?

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    There is cheap compatible paint (duplicolor) sold in supermarket. Autozone, napa, advance auto parts also have it. But it seems not manufacturing jeep paint.

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    A quart of high gloss Rustoleum(sp?) is 6-7$ at walley world. Use a 3 or 4" foam roller and you can paint the entire jeep for less than $10. You'd be suprised at the qualifty of the finish. I know it sounds redneck, but i just finished painting our good'ol boys mud car that way and it looks great. Well at least far better than the typical rattle can jobs.
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    They don't list it under Jeep... they list them under Chrysler.

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    or u can take the cans of the rustoleum high gloss and put it in a spray gun and top it off with a can of rustoleum clear and it iwill look dam near proffessional

    no mixing to worry about just put the paint in and shoot
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