Courtsey PatYuen !

Level of difficulty: Easy
Time required: 15 minutes
Tools needed: Ratchet set or nut driver, small screw driver, towel, replacement filter.

1. Purchase replacement filter. The 1996 model uses the FRAM G7399 ($11).

2. Locate old filter. It's under the car, in front of the gas tank on the driver side.

3. Optionally lift rear end to make it easier to work. You can just drive the rear wheels onto a sidewalk. (Be sure to set the parking brakes so you don't get crushed. Do so at your own risk.)
4. Purge fuel line by:
A. open gas cap.
B. remove fuel pump relay. It's in the fuse box under the hood, in front of the coolant reservoir. Locate the relay from the drawings on the relay cover.
C. Start engine and run until engine dies. Attempt to restart until engine will not start.
5. Get under car and remove screw holding the filter clamp. This is a good time to visually check your brake lines and other electrical connections.
6. Unlock clips on both sides by pinching and pulling outward slightly. Do not remove clip yet as gas will spill out.
7. Wrap a thick towel under the filter and pull out clips and hose.
8. Gas will continue to spill out of filter if it's tilted so try to keep filter level while removing 2nd clip.
9. Use a small screwdriver to remove plastic white clips from the old filter.
10. Reinstall onto the new filter.
11. Line up filter making sure the in port is pointed to the gas tank and the out port is pointed toward the engine.
12. Install fuel lines by pushing it back into clips.
13. Install clamp and secure with screw.
14. DO NOT over tighten or you may damage the filter. Just make it tight enough so that it does not shift.
15. Reinstall fuel pump relay and cover.
16. Insert key and leave in "ON" position to turn on pump. You may need to prime the gas by pressing the gas pedals a few times.
17. Start car and check for leaks after a short driver.