Click here to forward this page to a friend who may qualify. The participating law firms have filed class action lawsuits alleging defective exhaust manifolds in 1991-1999 Jeeps with 4.0 liter, 6-cylinder engines. Specifically, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, and Wrangler for these model years have experienced cracking of the tubular steel exhaust manifolds. The cost of repair can be substantial.

DaimlerChrysler has covered those costs for some owners under factory warranty, if the warranty has not expired. However, many owners whose Jeeps are outside the factory warranty have been forced to pay for the required repairs, even though a proper exhaust manifold should last for at least 250,000 miles. DaimlerChrysler has known of the problem with these manifolds for years, but did not disclose the defect to the public. DaimlerChrysler did change the design for 2000 and newer Jeeps, but only after years of using defective parts.

As alleged in Complaints filed in various courts throughout the United States, the proposed class would include most people who currently own a 4.0 liter, 6-cylinder Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, or Jeep Grand Cherokee for model years 1991 through 1999, as well as most former owners of such vehicles who paid to repair or replace a cracked exhaust manifold while they owned the vehicle.

If you believe you may qualify as a class member and would like to be contacted by the attorneys for class plaintiffs in this matter, please complete the online questionnaire.