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Thread: 32 - 11.5 - 15 tires

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    Default 32 - 11.5 - 15 tires

    can 32 - 11.5 - 15 tires fit on stock rims. or what size rim do i need to get to put them on and if i get new rims will i be able to get 33-12.5-15 on the same rim later. thanks


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    yes and yes

    You can run them on a 7" rim but they will fit better on an 8" and 33x12.5 will fit nicely on a 8"
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    Default dan said...i run 32's on my 15x8's...perfect fit...and will be perfect when i go SOA and 35's (like thats ever gonna happen )
    no jeep right now...

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    I ran 32 x11.5's on 15 x 7's with no problems at all.

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    thanks for the info

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    Either wheel width is fine. I would make a decision based on how you feel about your current wheels. If you want less backspacing (wheel to stick out further), or a different wheel, then go with the 15x8. But if you like your current backspacing and wheel style, stick with what you have, no problems.

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    Ideally....8" wide rim is better for an 11.50" tire.

    But it'll also work on 7" rim. You'll have to keep an eye on your tire wear.
    When the tire is that much wider than the rim, you may run into overinflation issues/tire wear.

    I ran 32 x 11.50's on 7" wide rims and ran lower tire pressure to ensure the tread was flat on the road and the tread wore evenly.

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    32x11,5x15 on 8x15 rims!
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