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Thread: How much many watts can my stock battery & alternator handle?

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    Icon313 How many watts can my stock battery & alternator handle?

    Right now I've got a 4ch 300W amp for my door speakers, but I'm looking to add on with maybe a pair of 10's or something. Can I add another amp, possible as much as 800W to this setup without overworking my car's power system?

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    I don't know about Stereo stuff, but it's not bad. I'd suggest a bigger battery thou. I put in a big ol interstate and haven't had any problems. I run my lights and spot lights and crap without a problem. I've never tried it not running.

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    If youre going as high as 800w you may wanna buy a corresponding farad cap.

    Even if you do upgrade the battery you may wanna get a cap cuz normally batterys cant send enough power quick enough sometimes even if the battery is huge. THe farad cap is usually mounted just before the amp in the power line and stores energy(its a capacitor) for heavy hits on the amp.

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    -=- originally posted by BMGove -=-
    If youre going as high as 800w you may wanna buy a corresponding farad cap.
    What if I only put in a 400-500 W amp? Would I still need the capacitor? I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible.

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    You dont want to get a cap. A cap simpily masks problems and does not fix them, possibly leading to bigger problems down the road. Putting the money towards a HO alternator would be a better choice.

    If the first thing you want to do is upgrade your grounds, the alternator ground, the battery ground, and amp ground. This solves many peoples dimming problems, and is just a good idea in general.

    From my personal experiance, I am running 750 total watts in my WJ with NO problems. I have a JL 300/4 for my mids and highs, and a RF 400s for my sub and I experiance no dimming at all.

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    i have a 98 laredo w/ a 4.0 running 1500 watts with no dimming. i have upgraded the power and ground wires from the battery and have an optima battery. everything else is stock.

    before i added the battery and upgraded the stock wires, i had dimming with 600 watts.....doesn't sound right does it?

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    It sounds perfectly're never using all those watts! If you did, your ear drums would bleed! In all seriousness, you really couldn't be in the vehicle if you exceeded that original amp, so the total is just academic. While you may like it loud, there are only so many sounds that require 1,500 watts to replicate, and then it relates back to speaker efficiency also.


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