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Thread: Great lakes Jeep Thing toys for tots (chicago)

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    Default Great lakes Jeep Thing toys for tots (chicago)

    Great Lakes Jeep Thing 5th annual Toys for Tots all 4x4 parade!
    Dec. 14th
    Start time 10am
    Start location 31st Street beach parking lot off Lake Shore Drive (Chicago)
    End location Foster and Kilbourn (Irene C. hernandez picnic grove)

    Our club is in It's 5th year helping the USMC raise toys for the less fortunate here in Chicago. Every year 4x4 enthusiasts from all around come out to help with their vehicles loaded to the top with donations from friends, family, and co-workers. Last year we had participants from 4 different states! 60 plus heavily decorated vehicles tooled down Lake Shore drive loaded up with toys. We were filmed and followed by channel 5, and channel 2 news. The second leg of the parade went west escorted by Chicago's finest on Foster to meet up with the Marines at the tail end for toy drop off. Our sign up/registration form is now online at, and this event is open to ANYONE with a four wheel drive vehicle willing to donate. (Must have at least one new toy)

    We are hoping to repeat the news coverage we got last year, and possibly add some radio and newspapers also. The more coverage we get, the more participants and donations we can raise. Please take a moment and help us out. We need the word out as much as possible about this...and good news is nice to have on TV once in a while. The club president Brandon Turner can be reached at

    More information can be had at our website We have a toys for tots discussion forum, and plenty of pictures along with a writeup from last year. We also have an edited video of last year on a CDrom. Thank you for your time and merry Christmas!
    Every child deserves at least one new toy for Christmas.

    Brandon Turner
    GLJT President
    ILFWDA Vice President

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    Toys for Tots attendance list.

    Are you in here??? If not you should be!
    (no particular order)

    Steve Smith

    Ernie Vole

    Tony Specht

    Nick Kotek

    Willian Hughes

    Randy Langstraat (sponsored member)

    Vernon Potillo (GLJT)

    Sam Klotz

    Anchal Kumar

    Tony Pilch

    Paul Knoerzer (GLJT)

    Chris Peak

    Steve Cluchey

    Pat Cluchey

    Chris Aguirre

    Joe Doyle

    Rory Subler

    Paula Markosovic

    Phil D'anna

    Laura D'anna

    Don Mittel (sponsored member)

    Ben Seigel

    Justin Ford

    Troy Newmeyer

    Tricia Newmeyer

    Juliana Rizotti (GLJT)

    Christian Fitgerald

    Anthony Anderson

    Chad Warren

    Shad Shafer (sponsored member)

    Jason Arndt

    Jeff Brunn (GLJT)

    Sean Rafferty

    Erik Mandel (GLJT)

    John Scott (GLJT)

    Lori Caskey (GLJT)

    Mark Nardi

    Joshua Ocampo

    Bruce Budwick (GLJT)

    Blake Wollerman (GLJT)

    Brandon Turner (GLJT)

    Dino Bozen

    Sharon Barnett

    John Knox (GLJT)

    Tim Haeussler

    Dennis Giroux

    Tim Miller (GLJT)

    David Grubman (GLJT)

    Donald Bryant (GLJT)

    Robynn Bryant (GLJT)

    Joe Escobedo (GLJT)

    Michael Shenuk (sponsored member)

    Fraser Yarker

    Edward J. Samp (GLJT)

    Lauren Smolka

    Frank Anderson

    Tony Rio

    Ryan Subler

    Zach Kohl

    Gil Moralez

    Carlos Garcia

    Patrick Boyer

    Layton Demotto

    Carloynn Koerber (GLJT)

    Brian Potter

    Andrew Grabek

    Tina Reising

    This will be edited as I receive more but thats all I have to date. If you did register and your name is not here then for some reason i did not receive it. Please re-register. I know we can get more people than this. Anyone that lives in the area that drives a 4 wheel drive vehicle should be up there. Please sign up today!


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