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Thread: stripped oil cap wont come off

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    Default stripped oil cap wont come off

    I have 2001 Jeep Cherokee with a 4.0L eng. and I cannot get the oil cap off. It just spins. When I first started to take it off it was tight and it would not move, then it just started spinning like something broke inside of it.
    Has anyone ever had this problem or know how to get it off?:neil:
    2001 Cherokee Classic

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    sounds like the directional pressure clip is broken off inside.. when that happens, FIRST get a new one from autoparts store, take a hammer and flathead screw driver, pop off the top.. them using channel locks remove the 'screw" portion of the cap. make sure when you install the new cap, it is tight but only let the thing click 3 times.
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    happens to everyone eventually. lube the hood release mech. every now & then too.

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    also, if you don't have a channel locks, but do have a pliers or adjustable wrench, I found that you can use a standard house key. The back end of the key fits perfectly into the slots in the cap, and you can grip the key with the pliers (as close to the bottom as possible so you don't bend/break the key) and turn.

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    a member of the J-team decided to crank my cap on once. I ended up pulling the cap apart by accident. Then I had to pull the interior part out with a pair of pliers. Luckily I was able to put the whole thing back together. Have not had a problem with it since.
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    -=- originally posted by ylojelo -=-
    happens to everyone eventually. lube the hood release mech. every now & then too.
    Ohh.. good idea... haven't thought of doint that.. and fron the looks of mine it needs to be done.



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