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Thread: Product similar to POR-15, but less expensive

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    Default Product similar to POR-15, but less expensive

    Anybody use any other products similar to POR-15 but less expensive. I realize you get what you pay for, but $95.00 a gallon is a little expensive. FYI I want to prep my floor boards for undercoating, but I'm getting a little bit of rust that I want to take care of.


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    Default is a source. Not sure about the cost difference.
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    I POR-15'd my whole interior last night and then put on a double coat on the high wear areas and ended up only using 2 1/2 pints of gloss black. You may not need that whole gallon. I found the cheapest was to order directly from them at POR-15. It is truely great stuff. I coated a piece of rusted metal I had lying around and bashed it as hard as I could with a 16lbs sledge and the POR didn't even chip or scuff. If it can take that it should be perfect for a floor. If you have a boat with a stern drive it works wonders on that also!!

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    You might want to try Hammerite.

    I buy my Hammerite at True Value Hardware Stores.

    Here are the True Value Part numbers for Gloss Black, which is the only color I use.

    Hammerite Gloss Black Metal Finnish Smooth:
    Quart can.....#434699 (About $11)
    Spray can.....#343285 ( About $6)

    True Value Hardware store can also get you any other color or type Hammerite you want. It is in their warehouses. Have them look in their store catalog the Manufacturer (MasterChem) and the Description(Hammerite).

    You can read more about Hammerite here:

    I have used both POR-15 and Hammerite for years. Both are great products. Hammerrite does not require a top coat for UV protection and it cost 1/4 of the price of POR-15.

    Hope this helps you out.


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    thanks that helps....I'll check out my local ace.


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