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Thread: Notheast TN Trail Rides (bumpus cove,cash hollow, etc...)

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    Default Notheast TN Trail Rides (bumpus cove,cash hollow, etc...)

    seeing if anybody is interested in doing some wheeling in the johnson city, elizabethton, kingsport, bristol, jonesborough area

    The trails in mind are

    Cash hollow (most of it is fairly easy, can be done stock) - small
    Firetower Road (easy when dry, can be quite challenging if wet) - fairly large
    Bumpus cove - haven't been yet
    Bays Mountain - haven't been yet
    anybody know of any other trails around here?

    nothing too extreme, stock vehicles to moderetly modified, drivers of highly modified 4x4's are of course welcome but would probably find the trails boring

    a pic from cash hollow:

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    I would like to to find some trails to ride in your area. Let me know next time you you are going out and maybe I can tag along. I would like to know how to get onto Bays Mt. I have heard it is a good place to ride but have never been there.
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