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Thread: Whats the best radiator cleaner?

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    Question Whats the best radiator cleaner?

    I need to do a radiator flush and fill/clean....I've heard everything from soap after you drain to straight up water....

    what is the best chemical cleaning material for the job?
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    I used Zerex brand cleaner, but had difficulty. My damn Jeep won't suck the stuff out of the Engine Coolant Resevoir into the radiator. Now my Jeep's engine smokes. Thought about siphoning the cleaner out of resevoir, but the container for the Zerex cleaner says it is harmful to skin. Therefore, I don't like the idea of it in my mouth!

    Monday I'm headed to a repair shop to have them do it. Hopefully it won't cost me too much money. Not sure about your XJ, but my 1999 is a pain in the rear to get the radiator drain plug loose. Pliers, torn up skin, and a few chipped finger nails later the drain plug was loose.

    I think I drained the liquid in the radiator, but when I start the engine, the fluid from the resevoir doesn't move. What's up with that?

    Good luck with your flushing,


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    I don't know how well their chemical stuff works, but Prestone makes a cheap little kit that works pretty well for flushes - you don't have to get to that annoying drain plug, and you don't have to pull any hoses off - it puts a capped tee-joint in your heater hose. Look for it at Autozone, it'll save you alot of hassle.

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