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Thread: Can I drive without the front driveshaft?

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    Default Can I drive without the front driveshaft?

    I just took my front drive shaft to a drivline shop. They ordered a new shaft with the U-joints at each end to replace the crapy CV style joint that was on there. $250. not bad. Sounds like it's just a bolt in.

    My question is can I drive it without the shaft. My jeep is a 95 4.0 with quadra-trac. From what I've read on this board my jeep has the older style VC/TC and driving it can be bad. The driveline shop said it should not be a problem. Is it okay to drive easy or should I just keep it parked? would driving it for 15 miles fry the VC?

    I've got an appointment to get the rear main seal replaced tommorow and I'd really like to take it in if possible because it fits my schedule easily.

    What do you all think.

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    15 miles won't hurt it, but I would't drive it any more than you have to. People have said they did't have any problems with short drives. With the 93-95 249 cases you have a 50/50 power split. The 96-98 models have a 20/80 split. I haven't had a FDS since the end of December. No problems, but I have the 20/80 split. I also don't care if my 249 goes. HTH

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    Man, I wouldn't. A tranny shop told me it was OK (before I discovered this forum). I drove probably 30-60 miles without... VC went shortly afterward.

    GET A RIDE... Driving it will be playing with fire.


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