This hasn't been needed until now, but since this forum is slowly becoming more popular and seeing more traffic, I think we are coming to the point where some basic guidelines need to be laid out for what has historically been a very emotional forum.

I have no desire to quell conversation, discussion, or even rantings concerning D|C in general, or even specific issues that stem from the company as a whole. Emotional threads and postings which deal with D|C specific issues have not, and will continue to not be edited in any way, shape, or form.

Praise, ranting, complaining, and spirited debate concerning D|C issues is allowed and welcome. Please feel free to state your opinion here, good or bad, praise or critical of any D|C issue, whether it directly relates to the Jeep brand or not. As long as it is done within the general guidelines that each member agreed to when registering at JeepsUnlimited, there will be no moderation of any content or topic. Feel free to call designs, policies, et., et., pure genius or utter bullflop. You are welcome to state your opinion here concerning those sorts of matters.

However... there will be absolutly, positivly, no bashing, no harassing, no name-calling, and no flaming of any other JeepsUnlimited member, specifically or in general terms, in this forum. If you feel the need to approach another member in this manner, I suggest you find some other form of communication to do it in. It will not be tolerated here. Personal attacks, in specific or general terms, are the only content which will be "moderated" in this forum, above and beyond the basic JeepsUnlimited rules set forth at registration. I have no ambition nor do I currently see any need to be heavy handed in terms of moderation of this forum... I am asking your cooperation as adults to help keep it that way.

These are pretty simple folks... and I feel they are a much looser set of guidelines than exist in many other forums here at JeepsUnlimited, and I am asking your cooperation so that we can keep it that way.

If you have any questions or concerns with this, please do not hesitate to contact me via the Private Message System.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation, and please let the discussions and debate roll...