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Thread: BesTop Replacement Roll Bar Padding Install

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    Thumbs up BesTop Replacement Roll Bar Padding Install

    Well I must admit that it looks much, much better than I thought it would. If you remember I first commented about this product well over a month ago, but just last week got around to putting it on. I had the factory roll bar padding, but sold it about a year ago. Oh well, live and learn.

    The material is much different than the factory, and very closely matches the fabric used on the soft top. The zippers are also much smaller. It comes with every piece necessary, including the side bars that run from the roll bar to the windshield. (You cut the old ones off, the new ones zip on.) It even has some extensions for the rear in case you don't have a sound bar. Originally I was turned off by the smallish zippers and fact that the foam wasn't already sewn or glued into the covers them selves. But I am very pleased with the outcome.

    It installs very easily, even with the foam being seperate from the covers. It looks great, even better than the stock pads IMO. The zippers although small, are of a high quality and seem very tough. I even used the short extensions. I already have the soundbar, so I used them on the lower portion of the main hoop, in between one of the roll bar mounting brackets and the tub floor. I will soon touch up my roll bar with Herculiner, extending it up under the padding. It kind of looks silly with a lined tub, a little red showing on the roll bar, and then the black padding.

    I'd recommend this BesTop product to anyone considering it. Now if I could only find a replacement sound bar cover. It looks crappy all faded and stained next to the new roll bar padding.

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    I was shocked when I first heard your comments on the Bestop pads... I'm glad you like them now.
    I bought them for a friend for X-Mas after he was constantly bitching about the Steelhorse pads he bought. He absolutely loves his!!! The Steel Horse ones faded in no time and the padding was very thin...The Bestop pads still look like new after 4 months...


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