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Thread: Clutch master cylinder - brand new, leaking

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    Default Clutch master cylinder - brand new, leaking

    Just want to check and make sure I haven't missed anything. Dealing with a 1988 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 6-cyl manual. My old clutch master cylinder was leaking horribly (fill reservoir, it was empty by the time I shut the hood and got in the jeep). I got the old one out, bought a new one, and put it in Tuesday night. Filled up the reservoir, got in to pump the clutch and make sure it was OK before I tried to bleed the line, and it appears to be leaking just like the old one.

    When I put the new one in, I put the cylinder in, bolted the bottom on, ran the top nut through, the firewall and bolted it inside, and then put the line to the top of the cylinder back in place. Everything is tight, and the clutch pedal is attached again to the master cylinder. When I clutch 5-6 times, the reservoir is emptied. There really isn't anything I could have missed, is there? It really is simple to install, assuming I got all the nuts and bolts back in place. I'm figure I just was unlucky and got a bad replacement master cylinder, but wanted to check here on what I did and ask if anyone has any other explanation for it.

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    Is the fluid leaking out somewhere? Do you see a puddle? I had a prob with my master cylinder & slave cylinder where I would lose the clutch and fluid, but it would all pool in the slave cylinder and not leak out. Did you replace the rubber O ring in the clutch line to the master? OR do you have the flaired fitting? You may have to have the system pressure bled to figure it out.

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    Sorry I wasn't clear enough. Meant to include this info...

    Initially, the fluid was coming in above the fuse box inside. I could watch the fluid spray out if I got under the dash and watched as I pressed the clutch. The line to the master cylinder is flared.

    Everything associated with the clutch was replaced 2 years ago except for the master cylinder, so when I saw it leaking, I wasn't terribly surprised (based on studying posts in this forum before trying to diagnose it myself). It *APPEARS* to me that I've still got a slight leak above the fuse box whenever I press the clutch (as in, I've seen it dripping off the previously dry fuse box after pumping the clutch 4-5 times, although I haven't actually witnessed fluid coming off the master cylinder), but only a small amount (less than half a dozen drops per clutch press) is dripping off, leaving me wondering where the rest is going.

    As I said, everything else is 2 years old, so I hadn't expected any problems once I could tell the master cylinder was shot. But even with this new one, I'm still loosing almost all my fluid in less than a dozen cycles of clutching.

    Hopefully I haven't left out any pertinent information this time.


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    Never mind. I was scared of getting the flared nut back on too tight, and it was leaking there. Once I tightened it down insanely tight, it stopped leaking, and everything works great. I even got lucky and didn't have to bleed the line to get the clutch working.



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