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Thread: DIY Long Arm Kit

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    Lightbulb DIY Long Arm Kit

    Anybody here decide they wanted to explore the unknown and build there own longarm kit for a TJ?

    If you tried this, please tell me (us?) about it. I think this would be an interesting project, and I'm trying to figure out what would be involved.

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    I'm using the radius arms along with a dana 44 from an early bronco ('77). Same effect as a long arm kit ...

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    I might be heading that route for front control arms, Jeep is getting too high for stock short ones. I haven't given it too much thought yet, but I would probably use Skyjacker or Tera's idea of a control arm mounting point, Warn XCL and RE combo concept of upper and lower on one bar, use big heim joints from the Skyjacker pieces. I hear bad talk of heim joints, but really I wouldn't have gone any other way. You feel a little more road jolts because there is no bushing, but the adjustability and flex make up for it. They've been on my Jeep for 2-3 years.

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    I'm putting parts together now to build some lower long arms for the front of my TJ. I bought heims from Avalanche and some of the other parts from Spidertrax. I'm having a friend drill and tap some solid rod for the heims. I'll make the frame and axle mounts out of plate and box steel.

    There are different ways to handle the upper control arms, but I'm still unsure which way I'll go. The first option is to use my RE uppers with heims and attach them to the long lowers like the RE radius arm setup. Another is to just run short uppers like tera does, but I dont like that idea. Another is to triangulate the uppers and get rid of the trac bar. I'd like to do that but probably wont do that until I replace the front axle. The last option is to build long uppers that are longer than the lowers that keep the pinion at a good angle during flex. I'll probably go with the radius design for now and figure out how to fab up some new upper control arm mounts for the frame, to go with long uppers later on.

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